European Month of Photography

The European Month of Photography network (short EMoP), is proud to celebrate 10 years of intense and regular collaboration between its partner cities. This site is an archive of past activities and spans the years 2004 to 2014.

The project of building a network dates back to 2004, when the cities of Paris, Berlin and Vienna decided to join forces in order to exchange exhibitions through their institutions dealing with photography. (Maison européenne de la photographie / Paris, Kulturprojekte Berlin for Monat der Fotografie and MUSA Wien within Monat der Fotografie Wien) For 6 years the City of Rome (through Zone Attiva a cultural association working for the city of Rome) and Moscow (House of photography) were part of this loose collaborative structure but later abandoned partnership. In the meantime Bratislava (Central European House of photography) and Luxembourg (Café-Crème asbl, an associative structure under the patronage of the city of Luxembourg with a curatorial activity in a joined venture with local Museums) had also joined (2006) ; Most recently (2012) the Association of Hungarian photographers for Budapest, the association Photon for Ljubljana met the requirements and were included. Athens was joining in 2014.

EMoP is a structure which works on a tight schedule with about 4 meetings a year and a bi-annual production of exhibitions in each member city, curatorial activity supported mostly by University researchers resulting in publications on photography.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, the members decided to give legal existence to their network by signing the statutes of a non-profit association based in Luxembourg. See new website below


Partner cities

    Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH
    Central European House of Photography
    Association of Hungarian Photographers
    Photon- Center for contemporary photography
    Café-Crème asbl
    Maison européenne de la photographie
    Eyes - On – Month of photography Vienna