Roma Via Caetani
Genova Bar Nino Costa
Torino Via Petrarca

Eva FrapicciniLead Walls


This is a project speaking of the deaths that occurred between the mid Seventies and the beginning of the Eighties, linked to leftwing terrorism (Red Brigades, Gruppi Armati Proletari, Prima Linea...) in the cities of Turin, Rome, Milan and Genoa. I was not even born at the time, and even my parents, who lived in the provinces, only experienced this from a distance. The photographs were taken at the same time of day, in search of the same light, and in the places in which the victims of terrorism died as well as those members of the terrorist groups who were killed in action. I have made no difference between the dead, since my work consisted in concentrating on the memory of a location, or the echoes of such tragic events, more than on the people involved. I looked for traces also among the district’s inhabitants, in the streets where over 20 years ago these events took place, but found only reticence and allowed the walls to speak for themselves.

I think that our passing, our most intense feelings, happiness, fear, despair, hope, all leave an echo in places, and violent death does so even more. A number of the terrorists who died in action were 19, 20 years old. I am 27, and I cannot understand how they could decide to risk there lives from one day to the next, or cut off all relationships with their dear ones as happened when they were on the run. It is hard, if not impossible, for anyone from my generation and culture to understand the reasons that were more important than their own lives to the militants of these armed groups.