Action Half Life, Episode 3 # 8, 2003 (Courtesy Moscow House of Photography)
Action Half Life, Episode 3 # 4, 2003 (Courtesy Moscow House of Photography)
Action Half Life, Episode 3 # 4, 2003 (Courtesy Moscow House of Photography)
AES+F. Le Roi des Aulnes (Saint-Petersbourg). 2001-2004
AES+F. Le Roi des Aulnes (New-York). 2001-2004
AES+F. Le Roi des Aulnes (New-York). 2001-2004
AES+F. Le Roi des Aulnes (Cairo). 2001-2004
LAST RIOT. 2005-2006
LAST RIOT. 2005-2006

AES+FAction Half Life / Le Roi des Aulnes / Last Riot


Le Roi des Aulnesa / The King of the Forest - 2001 – 2004

The King of the Forest is the mythological creature of Europe. It kidnaps beautiful children and hides them in its palace. This plot was used poem by IW Goethe and in the novel by Michel Tournier. 
The project Le Roi des Aulnesa is series the performances in the different counties (Russia, Germany, Egypt and etc.)
The project concerns the theme of the corporate identity of professional children.
The massmedia image of humankind became younger and younger last decade. The teens from Calvin Klein’s advertising, models and pop stars, who starts the carriers from the childhood, young heroes of tennis - all the media world in the beginning of new millennium is unusually young and sometimes extremely young, for example pampers commercials.
For the first performance (in throne hall of the Catherine II's palace in Pushkin town) we chose more then two hundred pupils of the special ballet and sport schools and some children from model agencies from St.Petersburg, all of them from 3,5 to 11 years old.
We didn’t ask the children for special poses, but they behaved themselves before camera as well experience media stars from covers of magazins.


Action half life - 2003

What it is heroism in our times, when the war, the exploit and the pathos just a part of virtual show? The idea of show is total - from 3D computer games and powerful efforts of Hollywood for saving of private Ryan and demonstrations of Maxsimus's triumph in Coliseum  till specially selected TV reports from unknown far areas with exotic names.
Our heroes, the teenagers, belong to "heroic age", when young shepherd wins giant and bastard takes the magic sword out from the rock and becomes the king. All our young heroes - the winners in the virtual world. Their enemy is absent, the pain and suffering are forbidden according the conditions of the game.  They are so alienated, that nothing, even common virtual battle can't prevent to the idea of personal exploit. They win the enemy, which doesn't exists. The pure "genesis of heroism" in the world of glimmer reality - this is the item of our art work.

The title ACTION HALF LIFE is a name of real computer game.
The heroes are the teens from models agencies, wined in the casting from more them 500 claimants.
The landscape is Sinai desert, deserving for next episode of Star Wars.
The armaments are special created 3D mash blasters and famous technologies, well experienced in previous virtual wars.  


Last riot - 2005-2006

The virtual world generated by the real world of the past twentieth century as the organism coming from a test-tube, expands, leaving its borders and grasping new zones, absorbs its founders and mutates in something absolutely new. In this new world the real wars look like a game on, and prison tortures appear sadistic exercises of modern valkirias. Technologies and materials transform the artificial environment and techniques into a fantasy landscape of the new epos. This paradise also is a mutated world with frozen time where all past epoch the neighbor with the future, where inhabitants lose their sex, and become closer to angels. The world where any most severe, vague or erotic imagination is natural in the fake unsteady 3D perspective. The heroes of new epos have only one identity, the identity of the rebel of last riot. The last riot, where all are fighting against all and against themselves, where no difference exists any more between victim and agressor, male and female. This world celebrates the end of ideology, history and ethic.