Carine & Elisabeth Krecké are twin sisters born in Luxembourg (1965).

They both have a Phd in economic science (1993 University Aix-Marseille III).

Carine has also a PhD in art and literature (2006 University Aix-Marseille I). She currently works as an independent artist and researcher.

Elisabeth is a professor of economics at the University of Science and Technology in Lille and publishes in the field of the philosophy of social sciences.

Untitled #23 – Evoking Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu © Carine et Elisabeth Krecke
untitled # 26, 2003
untitled # 28, Evoking Fassbinder, 2003
Ludwig © Carine et Elisabeth Krecke

Carine & Elisabeth Krecké


Carine and Elisabeth realize many of their artistic and scientific projects together, focusing on their interdisciplinary complementarities. Their artistic work questions the relation between drawing and photography. Their actual series of “fictitious photographs” and “filmstills from non-existing movies” consist in simulating photography in a hybrid and multi-faceted process combining pencil drawing and digital technology of image manipulation. Part of this work, thematically related to the iconography of the film noir, has been shown among others in the Casino-Luxembourg (Forum of contemporary art) in 2003.