Idoc Death 19
Idoc Death 19H

Marek Kvetán



Project of c-prints movies compressions is developed on the base of the last research in public watching TV and it was found out that the film-sequence, which was in the past perceived as a normal and standard, is nowadays considered as a slow. Sequences become more short and the movie's creators use very sharp cuttings. Creators of video-clips on MTV, virtual animations or children's cartoons operate with these sequences, it is confirmed, that now, a little child is able to identify an object and its movement in the half second sequence. Marek Kvetán shortened several hours lasted movies into one picture – one virtual imagination, which spectator is able to notice in a fraction of a second. Watching films and clips on Internet, reading books on cd-roms, these are the results of information explosion. Marek Kvetán goes further and suggests us compressed versions of the action and sci-fi movies (Trainspotting, Natural Born Killers, Johnny Mnemonic, Alien, Star Wars, Pulp Fiction and Jurassic Park) as a next level of the reality perception.



Project idoc is mapping a work and research efforts on the field of analyze and structure of the image. The conception is based on the research of relations between linear and horizontal story lines of the image models, which are picked from the field of installed constructions. The obtained information's are manipulated by author's software and are visualized as large-format prints or as a videoprojections.



Project New City is based on the elimination of the well-known dominants and symbols of the significant European cities and realised in billboards, posters and post-cards. Chosen cities: Bratislava, Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Paris, London and Sydney.



Series of manipulated photos presented on c-prints is operating named as a visual document – vidoc. On the first spectator's view is on the streets of American suburban and towns nothing out of order. There are dominated buildings, billboards, cars and people of the normal and daily city. But, on the second view, we register the absence of every texts, signs and written information. Billboards, posters, car signs, traffic and road signs, petrol stations etc. are presented without any text. Typical smiling faces are trying to catch our attention, but they are not offering any particular information. By informations overfilled society became in the manipulation of Marek Kvetán definitely empty and abstract. Author used the strategy of manipulation to point out manipulation of our perception by the advertisements and media. He tried to analyze one of the aspects of the actual phenomenon – the boom of information. Our perception of the without-texts-reality can cause a feeling, that we are situated in another civilization, another space or environment, attacked by the virus. Understanding and decoding the new "empty" reality seems impossible.