Beate Gütschow, born 1970 in Mainz.

She studied at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg from 1990 to 1997.

She has participated in numerous art events since 2000, including group exhibitions (last of all Chicago, 2004, Munich and Tokyo, 2005) and solo exhibitions (Danziger Projects, New York , 2004). Her S Series was first presented in Hamburg, 2005 (Produzentengalerie).

LS # 13, 2001
LS # 13, 2001

Beate Gütschow


“My pictures are montages: photographic compositions made up of a large number of different parts. One work can be composed of 20 to 80 different elements. I use Photoshop to construct the final images. I shoot the source images myself. To find the motifs I visit suburban locations all over the world. I use analogue cameras… Our expectation of reporting photography is to receive accurate information about an event. My works are the total opposite: In my pictures you don’t have an occasion or an event, they are completely disconnected from reality, even though they appear to be real.” (Beate Gütschow)