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In the context of the European Month of Photography first held in 2004 and which includes festivals in Paris, Berlin, Bratislava, Luxembourg, Moscow, Rome and Vienna, it was both legitimate and necessary to look collectively at the profound changes afoot in the world, and in particular those taking place in the field of contemporary images. This was the motivation behind the 2006 exhibition entitled "Mutations I", an event focusing on technological and artistic change in the area of photography. The second edition of the event, "Mutations II – Moving Stills", aims to pursue this line of thought on the subject of video, this time exploring the productive relationships that have developed between fixed and moving images and providing a sense of where contemporary art stands in Europe today.

European Month Of Photography

International co-operation in photography? Of course, nothing could be more self-evident! Even 165 years ago when the photographic procedure was first present in Paris, it was already part of a European network, and it could only triumph because its investors, promoters and users were free of national narrow-mindedness. Since then the progress achieved in photography has been linked to the principle of exchanging information and experience, to the interplay of learning and teaching, and to the encouragement of creativity. The "Month of Photography" takes up this good tradition: may it be one brick of the House of European Culture in the 21st century.
Thomas Friedrich † (founding member of EMOP)

Exhibition presented thanks to the patronage of :

  • Mr Bertrand Delanoë Mayor of Paris
  • Mr Andrej Ďurkovský Mayor of Bratislava
  • Mr Michael Häupl Mayor and Governor of Vienna
  • Mr Youri Loujkov Mayor of Moscow
  • Mr Paul Helminger Mayor of the city of Luxembourg
  • Mr Gianni Alemmano Mayor of Rome
  • Mr Klaus Wowereit Governing Mayor of the City of Berlin



Alcatel-Lucent Prize

Tuomo Rainio, winner of the Alcatel-Lucent Prize.

Tuomo Rainio, winner of the Alcatel-Lucent Prize.

Venues of Mutations II